city services

Oakwood residents receive unparalleled city services.

Oakwood offers residents a wide variety of city services that go way beyond the norm. In addition to the unmatched Public Safety response (see Focus on Safety), Oakwood citizens receive:

Special Waste Collection and Recycling Services

In Oakwood, there’s no hauling heavy trash cans to the curb or roadway. Using a fleet of quiet scooters, Oakwood’s Public Works Department collects waste and recyclables from backyards, driveways and rear alleys. Yard waste is collected at the curb year-round and our public works yard is open periodically for citizens to drop off yard waste and other debris.

Leaf Collection and Recycling

During the fall, the city collects leaves piled at the curb. They are recycled during the winter, and made available to residents in the form of mulch in time for spring landscaping.

Special Pickups and Dumpster Service

No household item is too big. At no additional charge, the city refuse collection crew will come to your property and remove old furniture, appliances, household items – just about anything you can place out in your driveway. Oakwood also maintains several roll-off dump containers and makes them available for a nominal fee (well below private hauler rates) to resident do-it-yourselfers.

Street and Sidewalk Snow Removal

In addition to keeping streets plowed and deiced, the city plows snow from residential as well as commercial sidewalks when accumulations exceed 1 inch. Oakwood streets are recognized in the region as the safest during the winter weather periods.


Oakwood operates its own water production and distribution system, supplying nearly 100% of the water used in the city. Water rates for 2012 were the 5th lowest out of 66 Miami Valley jurisdictions.


Oakwood operates and maintains extensive and well-functioning sanitary and stormwater sewers.