Recreation and leisure

Abundant green spaces and recreational opportunities make Oakwood a peaceful, healthful community.

From its beginnings more than a century ago, Oakwood was designed to integrate the natural and the built environments to promote healthy living. That commitment to ecology and fitness continues today in the community’s many parks and recreation facilities, as well as the overall walkability and natural beauty of the city’s residential streets and public areas. Oakwood is a family oriented community with excellent walkways and is ideal for cyclists. In recognition of its commitment to the natural environment, Oakwood has been named a Tree City USA for 33 consecutive years.

Oakwood's green spaces include three neighborhood parks:

Smith Gardens, a gem of public landscaping, is open daily and includes various plants and flowers that attract birds, small creatures, and butterflies for the public’s enjoyment, a pond, and a garden house. Smith Gardens is also available for weddings, parties and other private events.

The Oakwood Community Center (OCC), sits adjacent to Shafor Park and is the hub of community programs and activities. The OCC meets recreation and leisure needs for citizens of all ages (see brochure on the Oakwood website – Included on the OCC site are Gardner Memorial Pool, our city’s membership only swimming facility, and six outdoor tennis courts.

Oakwood's extensive natural areas, where native wildflowers and wildlife flourish, include Loy Gardens, Elizabeth Gardens, Houk Stream, Centennial Park, and Francine’s Garden.

In addition to the fields and courts mentioned above, Oakwood's recreational facilities also include:

The private Virginia Hollinger Tennis Club is located in Oakwood.
This clay court tennis center provides opportunities for avid players.

Within the immediate area, opportunities for recreational activities from kayaking, mountain biking and hiking to picnicking and children’s nature activities are available through Montgomery County’s 19-park Five Rivers MetroParks system. Public and private golf courses are located minutes away from Oakwood.

Tree Planting

Through its annual Johnny Appleseed program, the city offers residents a 50% discount on several species of desirable trees to be planted in the median area between sidewalks and streets. In the 36 consecutive years of this program, a total of 2,797 trees have been added to the city’s neighborhoods, increasing property values and enriching the environment.

Pet Friendly and a Dog Park

Oakwood is a pet friendly city and it offers a quaint dog park at Creager Field located at the northeast corner of town, near the intersection of Shafor Boulevard and Irving Avenue.

Block Parties

Remember the days when neighbors got together and had a block party? Well, those days are alive and well in Oakwood. Numerous block parties take place in Oakwood year after year.

Kids Playing Outdoors

Also, remember when kids played around the neighborhoods? Well, it still happens regularly around Oakwood...all over the city.