Welcome home to Oakwood

Relocating to or within southern Ohio's Miami Valley region? We want to welcome you home to Oakwood.

When you dream of home, this is what it looks like.

A place where you're known by name and encouraged to play your part.

A place with all the ingredients for the good life - comfort, safety, beauty, fun, a sense of purpose.

A place with a past to be proud of and a future full of possibilities.

For more than a century, people have been coming home to Oakwood. Orville Wright touched down here, on a green hilltop. The movers and shakers of Dayton's inventive industrial years dreamed up their innovations while living in Oakwood. And the tradition continues. Military personnel travel the world and come home to Oakwood to put down retirement roots. Executives transferred here for a year stay for a lifetime. New families set up their homes, raise children, and see those children come back home to Oakwood to raise children of their own, generation after generation.

Now it's your turn.

Come home to Oakwood, Ohio, the Dayton region's premiere residential community.